Kidzee RM Nagar provides high quality pre-primary education for children at an affordable cost. We are committed to nurturing, developing and enabling today's children as tomorrow's leaders in various fields.

We partner with parents by making them understand the vibrant and fulfilling environment with the tools and kits provided by India's largest preschool chain KIDZEE, setting up a new bench mark in early child education.

We are associated with:

Indian School of Excellence (CBSE)
Jubilee English School (CBSE)
Royale Concorde International School (CBSE)
Poornaprajna International School (CBSE)
And almost all schools in and around....

Kidzee Parents

At Kidzee, parents are viewed as contributive and active partners. We work on the principle that parenting styles differ based on each one's experiences. Kidzee RM Nagar provides a platform for parents to come and share their experiences, discuss their concerns and take away what they have learned.

Regular seminars and workshops are held to align parents with Kidzee's approach and enable them to develop a safe, healthy, hygienic and progressively appropriate environment, even at home

Welcome to Kidzee RM Nagar

Dear Parents,

We extend a warm welcome to each one of you to Kidzee RM Nagar. With the main focus of nurturing the little ones with adequate knowledge, Kidzee RM Nagar has adopted the well designed curriculum of Zee Learn with the commitment towards quality child education.

This is an endeavour to provide a progressive curriculum which combines with a teaching methodology integrated with the usage of technology. This enables our 'teaching learning' process to be ahead of our times. This will not only enable our children to unleash their inner potential but also help them to stay in front of the challenging world.

I welcome you to visit the campus and then asses us.

With warm regards




Worked for ITI Ltd about twenty three years. Took voluntary retirement while working in the Township Administration department of ITI Ltd, as Senior Technical Assistant. Worked as the General Secretary for Kerala Samajam, and as the Editor Kerala Pages, Editor DKS News, and Editor Cool Bangalore.

Joined in Garden City College and worked for thirteen years as the Chief Administrator for the group of institutions.

Later Worked as the Director for Deva Matha Central Schools and for Royal Pentagon International School.

Founded Edutech Foundation in 2012 as its Director and established Kidzee RM Nagar.



Ms. Chandrika Sumathi has been an active participant in various socio-cultural activities in Dooravaninagar. She has played a major part in defining the ethos of a large number of activities and services. She has also actively worked as an advisor for the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

A graduate in Economics, she is dynamically involved in early childhood education and dedicates her time to providing a holistic system of education through interactive and motivational game play.

Our Team

Teachers – the facilitators..

Kidzee RM Nagar has an excellent group of teachers who have practical experience in teaching. They are qualified and trained for the present generation teaching methodologies. They are refurbished by the experts in the field every year. They attend various orientation programs and are abreast with the modern developments and happenings in the field of pre-school education. They are thoroughly trained to handle the little ones, to manage classroom behavior and keep a transparent relationship with parents- informing them about their ward's progress and peer-interaction, on a regular basis.


Geenat Sofiya

Gunjan Chopra

Jayasudha Yadav

Jyotsna Ranjan

Maria Felixta

Smita Das

Sumitha Devi

Swetha G

Supporting Staff

Soujanya Vivek

Ramesh C
Security Guard


Arogya mary
Child Caretaker

Child Caretaker

Child Caretaker

Sumana T
Child Caretaker