• Sujesh KP

    I am very much happy about Kidzee RM Nagar because my daughter is happy in this school. I don't have any complaints about anything in this school.

  • Deepak Rajan Bhuyan

    Kidzee RM Nagar is a good branch of Kidzee which I expect as a parent. The teachers are very friendly to my child and very co - operative in nature. My child is very happy to go school every day.

  • Vinutha Hegde

    Culmination is very good. Kids learn lot of things during last three months period. Good in taking care of the children.

  • Arthi mattas

    The attitudes of the teachers are very good. The behaviour we feel is excellent. Thanks to the management.

  • Rozer Prem Sagar

    It is good to join our kids in Kidzee. RM Nagar, why because it is not only about the studies. More than that they teach respect and love to others. Good games and good teachers and staff.

  • Mary Sumithra

    Hygiene is very good inside the campus and rooms. Kidzee is giving good attention for children. My son was so scared to come to school. But the Principal, teachers and other staff handled him in the way that he likes. Method of teaching is excellent.

  • Manoj S

    Kidzee RM Nagar is an excellent centre with good care for children. The teachers are amazing. Thanks for the management.

  • Srikanta Panigrahi

    We have seen a nice improvement of our child progress. Nice environment to learn and play.

  • Shilpa A

    An excellent idea and technique adopted in organizing various programmes. Independence day was celebrated well.

  • Priya Prabhakaran

    We are happy to be a part of this institution and the celebrations. An excellent start for my daughter to know about many things.

  • Poorna Naveen Kumar

    Really we are happy for having selected Kidzee for my son. The decorum of the school is very nice Introduction of the Independence Day to our kids is very good.

  • Thulasi nayak

    I am very happy and satisfied in participating in the celebrations of the school. The children all are happy and enjoyed well. Thanks to the Teachers for giving good care.

  • Rajesh G

    My son Nithil loves this school. Every morning will be waiting for the cab to come. He plays with his friends. His language has been improved. Now he is able to relate with a lot of things and happenings around him. He is very happy in Kidzee altogether.

  • Edward Xavier

    We are all happy about Kidzee RM Nagar. The Independence Day programme was excellent. We love Kidzee and we like to be an Indian.

  • Ratnakar Reddy

    Thanks Kidzee for having given an oppurtunity to be a part of it.. I am very much happy to associate with Kidzee RM nagar and hope this journey will continue for many more years.

  • Mrs. Gyanarajan Ojha

    Hello Kidzee, you are doing a very good job by giving a strong base to the upcoming future citizens of India. You are really helping to build the pillars of future India.

  • K Rakesh

    I am really proud to have admiited my son in Kidzee RM Nagar. The faculty and infrastructure at the centre is really good.

  • Amar

    We are very much happy with the centre with regard to the staff and location. We are also happy to be a part of the activities of the centre and the programmes.

  • Arun Nath

    I have seen my kid grow and show the talents of this benevolent institution. Thank you for the brilliant training and knowledge shared to my kid.